The bending plant…


I looked out of a window today.  I saw many things.  I saw a small and frail potted plant that sits on pillars outside my front door; it kept bending with each turn of the wind.  I thought how supple its stem was made; allowed for it to be abused back and forth by whatever force pushed up against it.   However harsh, however gentle, it would always give in.  After watching it for some time I realized that no matter how much it swayed and bowed to and fro, that once the air around it grew still and all movement let up, that little stem became erect all over, again and again.  Something so flexible managed to be so strong.  It had strength to adjust itself to its environment, its flexibility permitted change; but it was never fully defeated, it never broke.                     

For myself, could I say that I possess the same resilience as that plant?  Perhaps…perhaps, I’m weaker than I want to be and stronger than I think I am.  I suppose each day will provide its very own answer.  One day, I will give into sadness.  The sun will poke its rays of light through my window blinds saying, “Good morning, I am here to greet you” and I will say, “Go away” and throw the covers over my head.  The next morning I will arise and decide that yesterday was enough time to feel the pain, but a new day awaits and desires a much different experience.  I will draw back all the blinds with a fully exposed invitation for the light to come in and I will scream out into the world, “I am here, good morning”!


`good health and high spirits


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If I were some famous person or of more interest, I would probably add more to this part of my blog, but I'm not, therefore, I won't. All you will need or want to know of me will be written in each post. Thank you!

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